The Perfect Proposal


  • Dress up! I recommend wearing a sports coat with slacks or dark jeans (avoid polos, t-shirts, and shorts).
  • Prepare an extra couple of sentences in advance to say to her (how much she means to you, how much you love her, how happy she makes you, etc). These few extra seconds you'll be down on one knee make a *huge* difference in your photos - she'll have more time to get emotional, smile, and kiss you! Many proposals last about 3 seconds, so the extra time is definitely worth it.

After Your Session

  • I will email you a preview the next day so you can share your happy moment right away! The rest of the gallery will be ready in one week.

The session fee includes:

  • 12 hi res digital files to download from your gallery.
  • Right to share on Facebook, etc.
  • Professional prints can be ordered through your gallery, and they ship directly to you!

How it works the Day of


  • Prior to that day, we'll set a specific time and pinpoint a spot at your location (see below).
  • That day - I will arrive 15 minutes before you.
  • Text me when you're about 3 - 5 minutes out so I know you aren't running late and can be on the lookout for you.
  • Text me a photo or brief description of your clothes so I can easily identify you. For example, "she's wearing a long red dress and blue coat".
  • After you propose, I will stay in position while you spend a few minutes together (hugging, crying, kissing, admiring her ring!), and I'll keep photographing the whole time. When you're ready, wave me over. We'll do a couple more "posed" photos for you to share with your proposal action shots!
  • After the $110 deposit, the balance is $135. You may prepay via Venmo or PayPal, or bring cash to your session (I do not accept e-payments the day of, only cash).
*Alexa and Mike-002.jpg


  • We'll pinpoint an exact location prior to your proposal date. Let me know if you need suggestions! I've worked all over the city for the past ten years, so I'll be able to walk you through every step of the way :)
  • Once we decide on a general spot (like "Lincoln Memorial"), I'll figure out the best possible location and backdrop for your proposal, run it by you, then tell you exactly how to get there, where to stand, where to face, etc.
  • NOTE: In-person meetings are limited but possible according to availability within NW  DC, but not necessarily a "must" for everything to run smoothly. Most clients do not meet with me prior.


  • We'll set a specific time for the proposal to take place.
  • I will arrive 15 minutes early. I will send you a single text confirming that I am ready and in position (unless you don't want incoming texts).
  • Send me a brief text when you are 3-5 minutes out, so I know you are on time.
  • If you are running late, please let me know as soon as possible.
  • If you are more than 15 minutes late, the wait fee is $50 per 30 minutes after 15 minutes past the planned proposal time.