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FULL HEADSHOT SESSION • $175 • Classic headshots - most popular!
Includes 5 retouched digital files (you pick your favorites!). 30 minutes. Head + Shoulders on a white or black background.

MINI SESSION • $110 M and Th • One great headshot!
Includes 1 retouched digital file of your choice. 10-15 minutes. Head + Shoulders on a white or black background.
Rate listed above is Monday and Thursday appointments; $135 any other day. 

STUDIO PORTRAITS • $245 • More Than Headshots
Go beyond a headshot and capture more of your personality with partial length, sitting & standing, white or dark backgrounds. Includes 10 retouched digital files of your choice. Lasts appx. one hour, two outfits allowed.

ENVIRONMENTAL PORTRAIT SESSION • $265 • Personalized Session On-location
Includes 10 retouched digital files of your choice. Lasts one hour. Customize your portrait experience with props and unique locations.

DATING PROFILE PHOTOS • $265 • Look your best with little effort!
Includes 10 retouched digital files of your choice. Lasts one hour, and allows up to three outfit changes.

Group Corporate Headshots On-Site • Scroll down to "Group Headshots in Office"

How to choose the best session for your needs?

Full Headshot Session: The most popular session - you'll end up with 5 professional headshots of your choice. Headshots focus on your face and personality, so the Full & Mini Sessions include just Head + Shoulders and are shot against a white or black background.

Mini Headshot Sessions: For people who need one really good classic headshot. You'll be able to choose your favorite from your proof gallery.

Studio Portraits: Great for executives, authors, public speakers, and small business owners. You'll come away with a variety of images, including headshots, partial length, and sitting poses, and have white or darker background options.

Environmental Portraits: Fully customizable portrait session on-location. We'll have more flexibility to get creative with your shots, and include props that tell the world who *you* are and what you're about. Great for entrepreneurs, artists, creatives, graduates, and authors or bloggers who want to branch out from the classic studio portrait, while keeping focus on their profession.

Dating Profile Photos: Look your best online! We'll tailor the photos to your look and personality - fun, sexy, stylish - you name it! Three outfit changes give you a variety of looks to change it up.

What Else Should i know?

High res images are included in every session (see rates above for specifics). They are delivered in a password-protected, downloadable gallery that never expires.

Additional retouched photos from your proof gallery are just $15 each and can be requested any time.

Proofs are original, low res, unfinished images and are not downloadable. Your proof gallery never expires, so you can request retouching to any photo, any time.

Can't decide which photos to choose? Love them all? Additional photos are $15 each, but if you'd rather be able to enjoy the entire gallery retouched and ready to use, they're yours for an additional $235.

Group headshots In-Office

MINI HEADSHOT SESSION on-site • $135 per person, minimum 2 people.
Includes 1 retouched digital file (per person) of your choice. 5-10 minutes per person. Head + Shoulders on a white or black background. Proof gallery will have 7-10 photos per person to choose from. Additional edited photos $15 each.

CORPORATE HEADSHOTS On-Location • $215 base + $52 per person
Classic headshot; 1 retouched digital file (per person) of their choosing; 2-5 minutes per person. Minimum 8 people.

CORPORATE PORTRAITS On-Location • $215 base + $85 per person
Multiple poses per person, varied backgrounds; 1 retouched digital file per person; 5-10 minutes per person.

Group portrait on-location at Dupont Circle

Group portrait on-location at Dupont Circle

Group Photo Add-On • $55 photo
Need a few quick group photos after everyone gets their headshot taken? No problem! We can spend a few extra minutes at the end of your session for some group photos.
Each combination of people/location is $55.

You will have a few photos to choose your final image to be retouched (since people will smile differently from one photo to the next).

headshot booth at your event or Conference

On-location headshot booth

On-location headshot booth

Quick headshots for your conference guests! A fast and convenient way to update your company website or attract conference guests - potential clients! - to your booth. Includes 1 Classic Headshot (head + shoulders) per person*.
$450 for two hours** + $22 per person

*To ensure you receive your gallery without delay, I will choose the best photo of each person for final touches.
**Maximum two hours, or minimum 65 people in a 4-hour block of time.

Need to split a studio portrait session to save time?
Book one hour ($245) and bring in up two additional people - $110 per person.
Includes 3 retouched photos of your choice per person.

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