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Intro to Composition Walking Tour

Photograph DC's beauty with an experienced photographer! Explore composition skills and how to build your aesthetic eye.

Essence of Composition at the National Gallery of Art

Let oil and acrylic masterpieces inspire your photography and take your composition skills to the next level!

We’ll start at the National Gallery of Art with one of the area’s leading visual artists (painter) and explore fundamental elements of design for creating dynamic scenes. You’ll learn how focal points, angles and space, and contrast were used to create exceptional images, and start training your eye to recognize good composition. 

Then, we’ll wander the National Mall for hands-on guided photography practice with a seasoned professional (me!).

Full Moon Meetup

Howl at the moon and dance under the stars!

Hone your photography skills and build your aesthetic eye. Experiment with wide shots, close ups, abstract images, depth of field play, and more! There's something for everyone - whether you use a fancy DSLR or snap away with your iPhone. Rachel will be available the whole time to help and answer any questions.

About Lincoln Photography Classes

"Rachel Lincoln is a photographer who’s defied categorization within the field—she’s been showcased in trendy restaurants, featured on the covers of novels and magazines, and covered everything from weddings to rock concerts.

Given her breadth of experience, Rachel is the ideal guide into the realm of the visual for both the novice and experienced photog alike."