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Before you book...General Policies for all session types

When you book a session with Lincoln Photography, you are agreeing to policies below.

All of my rates are listed in the top menu, left side.

Please note that the deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable since it guarantees your date+time and makes it unavailable to other clients. You will be prompted to place your deposit in the link above, after choosing your session date and time.

RESCHEDULING -  I only reschedule due to bad weather (see below), or we can pick an indoor spot as the backup plan if that works better for you. To reschedule your session, please set up a new session online (the original deposit is not transferable).

HAIR & MAKEUP are not included. Please arrive photo-ready. Any session time lost due to wardrobe or hair malfunctions cannot be made up. *Yes, if you have a few hairs out of place I will let you know. Please test out your hairstyle before your session. Hair falling in front of your face (and you do not want that look), or any hair sticking up so much it would need to be photoshopped should be taken care of prior to your session.

PHOTO DELIVERY - How do I get my photos?
You'll receive an online gallery, password protected. I'll email you link & password when your photos are ready, along with instructions on viewing, downloading, sharing, printing, etc.

Your photos will be retouched, high res jpeg files. Final galleries are jpegs that you can download as high res files.
Proof galleries (applicable to headshots and individual portraits only) are low res jpeg images and cannot be downloaded. Raw (.crw) files are not sold or provided for download. Unretouched "original" files from any session are not sold or made available for download. Photos are not delivered via Dropbox, USB, or CD.

I hold sessions throughout the entire DMV region. The only other possible fee is for travel further out from downtown DC:

  • If your location is not within downtown DC, the round-trip taxi or train fare will be added to the total.

  • If your location is over 50 minutes away, a $50/hour travel fee applies (one way only).

WEATHER & RESCHEDULING - applicable to ALL session types.

What if the weather is bad?
I automatically reschedule at no cost if the forecast shows a 30% chance or more of rain by 6pm one day prior to your session. The same goes for blizzards, of course! If you only have one day for the photos and can't reschedule, we’ll discuss a few alternative indoor locations and make it work!

If you decide to hold the session outdoors with a 30%+ chance of rain, with a nearby indoor location as a backup plan, the session cannot be extended beyond the originally agreed upon ending time, and the session fee will not be reimbursed.


Available up to 7 days prior to your session.
For example, to reschedule a Saturday session you must notify me by the Saturday before.
Please notify me via email at

There is a $25 rescheduling fee applicable to all sessions and all non-weather related rescheduling, and you can just bring cash to your session.
You must reschedule your session to take place within 2 months from the originally scheduled date. After that, the deposit is forfeited and a new deposit must be made to schedule a session. Availability may be limited, but not impossible. We will find something that works for you!

Please note that in order to accommodate all of my clients, I can only allow one rescheduling request. If you end up needing to reschedule a second time, you will need to pay a new deposit to reserve a new date.

If you request to reschedule your session less than 7 days prior, the deposit is forfeited and you would simply book a new session online and pay a new deposit.

CANCELLATIONS - applicable to ALL session types

  • If you are unable to find a future date that works for you, I’m sorry to hear we won’t be working together :( Please email me as soon as possible notifying me of your cancellation.

  • Please note that the deposit is non-refundable as it guaranteed your originally scheduled date and made it unavailable to other clients. If you request to cancel, then change your mind, please book a new session online.

WEATHER, RESCHEDULING, & CANCELLATIONS - applicable to all event types (wedding, party, cocktail hour, conference, etc).

All event bookings require a non-refundable $350 deposit (per day). If the event is cancelled or rescheduled, the deposit is non-transferrable and a new deposit must be made. Please note this is because the deposit guarantees your date and timeframe and makes it unavailable to other clients.

LATE ARRIVALS - applicable to ALL session and event bookings.

  • All sessions start and end at the originally scheduled time. If you arrive late, even if you text me while you’re on your way, the session time cannot be extended. We’ll still get lots of good shots, but there will be less photos than if we did a full session length, and that’s no fun!

  • Please make appropriate considerations for getting ready, traffic, finding parking + walking, nap time, feedings, diaper changes, hair and makeup, etc, when preparing for your session.

  • National Mall sessions - parking at the National Mall is difficult. If you’re going to drive, please plan to arrive 45 minutes early to your session to allow time to find parking and walk to our meeting spot. If you metro, plan for an extra 30 minutes in case of train delays.

  • Text me at 202-821-6072 as soon as you know of any delays, no matter how small.


TURNAROUND TIME - When can I expect my photos?

Engagement, Proposals, Couple's Portraits, and
Family Sessions (including maternity, newborn, 6-month, first birthday, and family portraits)

You will receive a preview within the week following your session (whether it was 45 minutes or an hour+). That means in the 7 days after your session, you’ll receive 2-3 photos for immediate sharing. For 2-hour sessions, the turnaround time is 10-14 days.

ALL wedding clients will receive a preview within 10 days following wedding.

Elopement & mini weddings - 3 weeks to receive your high res gallery.

Please estimate 10 days per hour booked for your photos to be processed, retouched, and made ready for uploading. For example, a 6-hour wedding will take 8-10 weeks to complete. An 8-hour wedding will take 10-12 weeks to complete.

Headshots & Portraits*

  • Mini Headshot Session - 3 days after session date for the proof gallery to be posted, 2 days after you make your selection for final photo to be emailed back.

  • Full Headshot Session - 5 days after session date for the proof gallery to be posted, 4-5 days after you make your selection for final gallery to be posted.

  • Studio Portraits - 7 days after session date for proof gallery, 7 days after you choose your photos for your final gallery

  • Environmental Portraits - 7 days after session date for proof gallery, 7 days after you choose your photos for your final gallery.

  • Dating Profile Photos - 7 days after session date for proof gallery, 7 days after you choose your photos for final gallery

Need your headshot, portrait, or gallery sooner? I offer Rush options. Please inquire.

*If you send me your selected photo(s) within 48 hours, I can guarantee a normal, speedy turnaround time (as listed above). If you send me your selected photo(s) after that period, it may take 3-5 weeks to receive your photos.

All photos receive sharpening, cropping when needed, color correction, contrast adjustment, color toning to fit my style, etc. Close-ups from all sessions (except general/special events) receive lightening beneath the eyes, light blemish removal (zits, a stray strand of hair, scratch/scab), and the occasional chin slimming depending on the angle. I will photograph you to look your best, using flattering angles for each body type. However, if you are still not happy with certain things (body shape, the way your shirt is hanging, etc), please let me know so I can contact a professional digital manipulator and let you know what the charge will be to correct your concern.
This applies to attire as well - if you aren't happy with how your clothes fit or hang, a professional digital manipulator can most likely correct it for a small fee. I recommend everyone try out their photo outfits prior to the session. Look in the mirror for excess material/bulk, bra straps showing, suit jackets and pants that need tailoring and hemming, kids clothes that don't stay down/on/up.

Many private parks and even public areas around DC require a permit. It is the client's responsibility to apply for and cover any costs related to the permit. Most locations have their photography regulations their website. You can ask me about popular DC locations.



The client is granted a printing and downloading release*.

That means you can download your high res photos, share them on social media, print at CVS if you like, etc. The only think you can't do is retouch, modify, or sell the photos for a profit.

Lincoln Photography retains copyright of the images produced in conjunction with this contract, and allows the client ownership for printing, downloading, and sharing online for personal use. The Client is not permitted to make the photos available for sale or alter the photos in any way.

Need extra privacy? Check out my high-profile client privacy option.

Unretouched files and .crw files are not included in any packages and are never made available for download. The Client hereby grants Lincoln Photography permission to use copies of the photographs and video(s) produced for you under this service agreement, including your image, likeness and voice contained therein, for limited marketing purposes in perpetuity.

The Client may use any of the images from the online gallery for personal use. If the photo(s) is/are published by a third party (online/in print - e.g. newspapers, magazines, blogs, etc. by someone other than the original Client), the Photographer must be given photo credit (watermarked photos can be provided immediately at no charge; the small watermark will be placed in one of the photo corners and will not cover the image subject). This is applicable to both for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Photographs may be used for personal use on Facebook and LinkedIn, etc, without a watermark, and on the company website, internal materials, marketing, promotion, etc. Photos shared on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc) must have a “tag" to Lincoln Photography:, or @RLincolnPhoto.