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How do I book a session?
- You can pay your deposit via check or PayPal - your date/time are booked! Sessions are by appointment only. 

Who will take our photos?
- I will!

Need help picking a location? Visit Blog.RLincoln.com for more photos.

Do we receive digital images?
-Yes! You will receive high-resolution, retouched digital images in a password-protected online gallery for you to download and order prints. They are unwatermarked for printing. Please see the rates menu for what is included in specific sessions and booking types.

Where can I see more work?
-Check out Blog.RLincoln.com! You can use the drop down menu to search by category (for example, "national mall engagement", "newborn", "Lincoln Memorial family session", etc).

How do I contact you?
-RL@RLincoln.com or 202-821-6072

How long have you been in business?
-Since 2008

What else do you do besides take photos?
-I teach private photography classes and run a Meetup Group for photography enthusiasts!

Do I get all the photos you took?
- I take care of the culling process for you - you will receive the best of the best! I will remove any unuseable photos (maybe your hair blew across your face, you’re holding back a sneeze, etc). You’ll see every good photo of you I took.

Can I just see the rest of the “bad” photos?
- If you are missing a specific "moment" that you thought we may have captured, please do let me know! Otherwise, I’ve taken time to carefully remove any unflattering images so you can sit back and enjoy the rest! As a professional photographer with nearly ten years experience and a Master's degree from the Corcoran College of Art + Design*, I promise I know which ones are the best :)
*Prior to the merger with GWU.

Can I have the unedited images?
- Unedited images are an unfinished product that need special software to even view. You hired me for my expertise in photography, and that includes retouching the photographs to deliver the highest quality, finished product to you.
All the images you've viewed on my website are retouched, and you hired me because you liked my style, my finished work. Think of it this way - if you commission a painting, you aren't going to ask the artist to stop mid-way through his/her work and end up with a partially finished piece when you paid for a final product, or ask him for sketches leading up to the final painting, and you're probably not going to let your cousin who's got a nice set of brushes go ahead and finish the painting instead. At a restaurant you expect a fully prepared meal, the way that particular chef does it. You don't expect just a few of the ingredients on your table to work with on your own.

Can I have the raw images?
- I am happy to provide the .crw files to your graphic design team - please inquire for rates.

Can I download my proof* gallery?
- The unedited images you see in your proof gallery are low res, unfinished photos. The final product I provide, and that you are ultimately paying for, is high res, finished images. I only provide complete work to my clients. *Proof galleries are only applicable to some sessions, look under "Rates" for specific details on each booking type.

The proofs* look great as they are. Can I just download those?
- You can certainly request minimal or no retouching, but please note the proofs are low res, unfinished, unsharpened photos intended as a preview for viewing as a gallery only, not photos you can print and share. *Proof galleries are only applicable to some sessions, look under "Rates" for specific details on each booking type.

Anything else?
-I am a passionate Argentine tango dancer, world traveler, and am trilingual.

Some of my favorite spots in the DC area! These are just a few of the great photo locations DC has to offer for both family and engagement sessions.

Lincoln Memorial                                           Bishop's Garden, National Cathedral           Meridian Hill Park

*David & Caighla Proposal-059.jpg

Jefferson Memorial                                         Tidal Basin                                                   Georgetown + Canal